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Setting the SSID for APRS »

0 Home Station, Home Station running IGate. 1 Digipeater, Home Station running a Relay Digi, Wx Digipeater 2 Digipeater on 70CM 3 Digipeater 4 HF to VHF Gateway 5 IGate (Not home station) 6 is for Operations via Satellite 7 Kenwood D7 HH 8 is for boats, sailboats and ships (maybe 802.11 in the future) 9 is for Mobiles 10 [...]

Setup for UI View32 V2.03 For I-Gating »

Go under your "Setup - APRS Server Setup" screen. Enable "Open the Gateway" and "Gate Objects" on the right side. Make sure nothing else on the right side is checked. Now, make Max Silence to "5". On the left side, click "APRS server log on required" and "Enable auto reconnect". Enter [...]

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